Khmer Type Tech Corporation
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Created the KhmerOS (Khmer OpenSource) font, first released as a free download for MS Windows and Office users. The project took on the name of the font (

Since, the KhmerOS fonts have been updated to support Windows, Linux, Adobe's products and more recently Mac OS X (after adding both OpenType and AAT support).

Teach font design in Cambodian and Lao, experiences and tips in using computers and in using Khmer Unicode fonts on Mac OS X, Adobe's products and on mobile phones:   

Khmer Type Tech Corporation (KTTC) is headquartered in Nevada,  Massachusetts, USA, with additional offices in Phnom Penh, Cambodia . 

Khmer Type Tech Corporation(KTTC) provides advisory services, offers advice on Khmer Font & high tech,  with experiences including:

In Khmer language and typography, and in particular complex scripts, webmaster and graphic designer, type design, created a Khmer Unicode font, OpenType and hinting 
for the creation of high quality fonts at Microsoft.
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+855 85 771 845 or +855 90 333 409

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